By Scott A. Huesing

Release Date: February 20, 2018, at Bookstores Everywhere

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the book

Echo in Ramadi

To all of the brave Echo Company “Longhorns” who fought and died defending the freedoms of our Nation both on and off the battlefield.

“The Magnificent Bastards” who battled alongside both in body and in spirit, and to the families who gave their unyielding support to us all.


Echo in Ramadi Book Iraq War 2006 2007 Scott A. Huesing Author
Echo in Ramadi Book Iraq War 2006 2007 Major Scott A. Huesing Author
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Special Thanks and Acknowledgement to all of the Marines, soldiers, families, and friends that helped make this book possible.

To all of the contributors I offer my personal “Thank You” for all that you provided.  You gave of yourself.  You shared your pain, your tears, and your time with me to tell this story.  I will never forget your amazing stories and commitment.

"In war, destruction is everywhere. It eats everything around you. Sometimes it eats at you." —Major Scott Huesing, Echo Company Commander

For ten brutal months, from the winter of 2006 through the spring of 2007, two-hundred-fifty Marines from Echo Company, Second Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment fought daily in the dangerous, dense city streets of Ramadi, Iraq during the Multi-National Forces Surge ordered by President George W. Bush. The Marines' mission: to kill or capture anti-Iraqi forces. Their experience: like being in Hell.

Now Major Scott A. Huesing, the commander who led Echo Company through Ramadi, takes readers back to the streets of Ramadi in a visceral, gripping portrayal of modern urban combat. Bound together by brotherhood, honor, and the horror they faced, Echo's Marines battled day-to-day on the frontline of a totally different kind of war, without rules, built on chaos. In Echo in Ramadi, Huesing brings these resilient, resolute young men to life and shows how the savagery of urban combat left indelible scars on their bodies, psyches, and souls. Like war classics We Were Soldiers, The Yellow Birds, and Generation Kill, Echo in Ramadi is an unforgettable capsule of one company's experience of war that will leave readers stunned.